Roller Derby News (RDN) – fantastic new website on the way!

Hopefully, you are looking for some Roller Derby News! Well, this will shortly be the right place to be and we are very excited to be working on something for roller Derby because basically, we are missing our Wheeley smack time! and thus was born

What is Roller Derby News (RDN)?

The aim of RDN is to bring the world updates and news stories from all over the Roller Derby community.

Currently very little is possible due to the “C” word. We thought it would be nice to have a place where you can catch up. Find out about your favorite roller derby teams near you and further afield. Like the world cup that we couldn’t have (I have not found emojis yet but this would be a sad face)

What will RDN offer?

RDN is aiming to have a little space for everyone interested in Roller Derby! we want it to be free to read and we want teams and fans to benefit from it.

Roller Derby SEO opportunities

The Directory and inclusion in the articles should help teams with getting backlinks to their websites, there are not as many opportunities for roller derby teams to gain backlinks without paying for them so all RDN asks in return is that you link to us somehow from your site.

Basically the rule is DONT BE A DICK or it will be deleted

For Readers:

  • News stories (everything Roller Derby)
  • Derby Team listing pages
  • Video
  • Training and Intake listings (commonly known as “fresh meat”)
  • Game listings
  • Scrimmage Listings
  • Kit reviews
  • Game info and results
  • Links to live streams
  • The NSOs Sin Bin(Gossip Column) Contact to take part
  • Ref Rants (Refs opinions, advice, etc.)
  • Roller Derby resources
  • Newsletter
  • Advice columns on Roller Derby Marketing and PR

For Teams:

  • A Free Team Profilelisting in the Team/League Directory
  • Free Event Listings for your training, games, scrimmages, etc.
  • Free Featuring of your Leagues News(contact us for more information)
  • New listing mentions in the newsletter
  • Promote your youtube and Social media channels
  • WHAT DO YOU NEED? Let us know!

If you would like to get your team space up and running then please use the Directory section of the site.

For Advertisers

We don’t want to bombard our community with Ads so we will offer opportunities that fit into the space available, we will revise what we offer as we get to know what people would like to see. currently, we are considering the following.

  • featured advertorial space (sponsored articles).
  • Supplier directory (subscription to the directory)
  • Newsletter ads
  • Influencer articles
  • Affiliate Links from relevant parties.

If you have a brand you would like to feature or an influencer7/skater you would like to have featured please get in contact via the contact form.

How is Roller derby news funded

At the moment let’s be honest this is a little project that I would like to get up and running so it is funded by me(see below). I would like this to turn in to something that is useful most of all and whilst developing the site then there will be no revenue, I just want to cover costs at some point, if a profitable revenue stream appears then I would like it to go towards improving RDN and supporting better, richer content.

Whatever happens, I plan to be open about it and I would like the readers to be happy!

Who is behind Roller Derby news?

My name is Tom I am known to some as Bliss (41) I currently play with the First men’s team in Switzerland, Ghost Valley. I used to play for the MKRD’s Quads of war and had a spell with the All Ireland team. I know I said “we” earlier but the plan is for more people to come on board but I just registered the site two hours ago! so now you know who I am (more details/people to follow)

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